George P. Saunders occupies his time on Planet Earth in Hollywood, California. He is the author of the celebrated crime thriller Gray Area, along with ten other novels in the science fiction, Young Adult and horror genres. He has over 40 films either produced, directed or written and more than a dozen more which he has co-starred in with such notable celebrities as Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin in Hunt For Red October (as George Winston), Joey Travolta, Richard Lynch, C. Thomas Howell and Mickey Rooney. He recently directed Tangoman in Buenos Aires, Argentina, starring himself and Eric Roberts. Saunders was the head writer on the reality series for Military Films during the Gulf War, wherein he worked with the Navy Seals and other combined elements of the United States Armed Forces. While not writing, acting or doing other entertainment related 'stuff', Saunders is known to enjoy a fine tequila on occasion, followed by a dry Cabernet.

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