Thursday, May 10, 2012

Humor and Harem Girls

I've just read two very entertaining books that I recommend, both dealing with different subject matters.  One will keep you howling with laughter, the other will be food for thought and make you wonder if life in a modern day harem is all that bad.

First book is Bill Maher's "The New New Rules", a follow-up to his highly successful "New Rules", and is nothing short of genius.  He is able to offend most everyone and most every subject, no matter what side of the political or religious spectrum one may be on.  And yet, his observations, in my opinion, are right on.  Now my opinion is subjective:  I greatly enjoy the Bill Maher show on HBO, as much as I enjoy Bill O'Reilly's Fox show "The Factor".  One occupies the left of center, and one the right.  Both are compelling, and both are well executed.  But Bill O'Reilly's humor and mine, simply don't gel.  Bill Maher, on the other hand, has me screaming with the funnies.  Each of you must decide if his humor is for you or not.  But it is well written, notwithstanding where stands your sense of humor.

The other book I've just completed, and I tweeted on it some weeks ago, but now wish to compliment it again on the blog, is "Some Girls" by Jillian Lauren.  It's her true life experience within the Sultanate of Brunei, as a harem girl, back in the early 1990s.  It is filled with the predictable sexual encounters with royal personages, outrageous sums of money offered as gifts, and hostile byplay between Jillian and the other 'haremites.'  But it is extraordinarily well written, and it makes one wonder if all harem girls must be Mensa candidates, so impressive is Ms. Lauren's style.

Do check both books out.  My next book, The Last Harem, will be introduced to Amazon in late May.

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