Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Amazon Shift - Algorithms

It is apparently true that the Amazon shift in its algorithm policy has affected sales for most indie authors.  I am feeling the results personally.  While my April and May months were relatively stellar for a first time author on Amazon, this month, June, is proving less than spectacular.  This is a very brief note, as I will devote myself more fully to an analysis once my new book, The Last Harem, debuts tomorrow, June 7.  If sales prove disappointing, once I initiate a free download promotional on the book, new approaches to generating revenue from my books will have to be considered.


  1. Interesting snippet here, George. I hope there will be a follow up. I'd like to know how it all shakes out. As a writer with a manuscript in unsolicted query stage, the indie route is looking ever more appealing.

    1. Yes, as mentioned, after my free promo on The Last Harem, tomorrow and Wednesday, I should have a better view as to the Amazon algorithm issue. I am by no means as negative as others, but I am at this point gaurded and wary. More in the next few days.

    2. The algorithm remains true. The shift in policy by Amazon has hit us all. I have confirmed this with new and veteran indie authors alike. But the indie route, I believe, is still the best route for those of us who do not have agents (or have useless agents) to submit our manuscripts to publishers. Go forth and publish! Do not wait or hesitate! And be responsible for your own marketing! Amazon will not assist you greatly. Good luck. G