Thursday, November 1, 2012

Political Shenanigans Aside

I rarely remark on things political, but this time I will, because it gives me the opportunity to make a positive observation.  Whatever one may think about President Obama or Governor Chris Christie, one must hand it to one and both that they've come together for the sake of the embattled state of New Jersey for the best possible of causes - that poor state's reconstitution and rehabilitation.  I have an ex-girlfriend, someone I stay in touch with and who lives near the Jersey shoreline, and she says that conditions there are still fairly prehistoric.  No doubt, casualty numbers will continue to rise as the seas recede.  It is my hope and prayer that assistance provided will come quickly and restore normalcy as soon as possible. It is also my hope, notwithstanding political cynicism, that this bolsters or inspires some kind of future bi-partisanship between two polar opposites in the Republican and Democratic realms of decision-making.  While I may be a registered Republican, it is my belief that President Obama will win re-election at this point in time; the electoral college alone has all but mandated this manifest destiny.  No doubt, the Democrats will retain control of the Senate, and I further believe, the Democrats stand a good chance of prevailing in the Congress.

Bottom line, like most of the country, I hope this all leads to progress for our great nation.  The economy is still in need of a jump-start and our old adversaries in Al-Queda are clearly still up to no good in the Middle East and northern Africa (among other parts of the globe).

My prayers are with all of those folks on our Eastern Seaboard.  Please share in those prayers for the safety and healing of all our fellow Americans in that tormented landscape hit by Queen Bitch of Ms. Hurricane 2012 - Sandy.

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