Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Maya - like Miley - lets it all hang out as a wonder!

So, just got back from the sweltering jungles of the Yukatan Peninsula wherein I climbed one of the highest pyramids in North America (located in Coba) and reflected on all things spiritual and literary. That and consuming my body weight in tequila and beer on a daily basis.  Fascinating people, the Mayans; a clearly advanced society in terms of science and architecture, yet horrific in terms of their approach to humanity ... it was nearly non-existent.  Human sacrifice was the hobby of any given occasion - not just virgins (a horrible waste under any condition) but adults, children and babies.

The Mayans had a ball game, for instance, wherein they played in a huge court (beautifully intact) at Chichen Itza.  Much like soccer, they played with a rubber ball utilizing their knees, feet, elbows, head, etc. ... but no hands.  The captains of each team struggled desperately to win for a great prize rendered only to them should they emerge victorious:  they were allowed to be beheaded.  Yay!  I win. I get to naked above the shoulders to honor the gods.  This is because the Mayans believed that the next life beat the shit out of this one (arguable at cocktail hour).

They also followed the planet Venus and its cycle and it matched NASA's calculation to within an hour (you can google for more detail - I'll spare the reader the voluminous info in this blog).  All in all a fascinating adventure and I recommend it to one and all (it is now one of the 7 wonders of the world). So far I've seen 3 of them: The Coliseum in Rome, The Christos in Brazil and Chichen Itza. Gonna try to see the Great Wall of China and Stonehenge (and possibly the pyramids in Egypt), by hell and high water, sometime in 2014, depending on the $$$ coming in from all of you reading my books, dear fans.

So get going, read up on the Mayans and buy my crap.  Please.

Thank you.

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