Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rolling 'Fast and Furious' for 2014!

Sorry, folks - I've been off the radar these past few months, but my excuse is terrific: I've been producing back to back movies since late December.

My first film, which started shooting January 1, was A Fatal Obsession, starring the fascinating personality of Eric Roberts and the veteran talent, Tracy Nelson.  We're shooting for a Lifetime Channel sale.  Shoot was great but it was shot entirely in Groton, Connecticut, which was enjoying the wrath of the polar vortex (if you remember that sexy climatic term) and thus I was freezing my nuts off most of the shoot. I was one of the co-stars, and as luck would have it, a lot of my scenes were exteriors, i.e., outside in the friggin' cold.  But it all went well, so no complaints.

I returned to L.A. and a few days later, began shooting a movie I did NOT write, but had a decent role in and co-produced, Buddy Hutchins, starring Jamie Kennedy and the legendary Sally Kirkland. We wrapped that a week ago, and since that time, I've hustled to finish the first book of three in the series, The Lynx Factor. Fans of Russell Blake, John Irving and Robert Ludlum will enjoy this action story about an ex-Seal and mortician who must deal with terrorists taking over his apartment complex and threatening to destroy L.A. with a dirty bomb launched from stinger missiles smuggled in from abroad. I's not your conventional adventure - Peter Lynx is a quirky hero who suffers from perpetual bad luck, which he refers to as The Lynx Factor. I think you'll all love it. I launch the first book this weekend, so look out for it.

I have another movie I wrote shooting in Moscow, late March, early April, so will be out of commission again until mid-April, but will be better at keeping you all apprised of activities in the next month or so. Hopefully, things will have settled down in the Ukraine by then.

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