Wednesday, July 25, 2012

God? Good? Evil? Or Random Horror of the Universe

Like most of America - perhaps most of the world - I was horrified by the acts of the 'thing' I refer to as James Holmes, who mowed down 12 people in Agoura, Colorado, and injured 59 others in a movie theater last week.  I've been asked by friends and family more than once:  Where was God?  Why did he not stop this horror?  To which I reply consistently:  I don't know.  Perhaps we are not supposed to know ... or if there is a reason behind it, it is beyond our comprehension and not our business to understand.  Personally, it is the only answer I can live with.  Evil is alive and well in the world, and it, more than occasionally, wins.  My books generally revolve around the battle between good and evil, and in those books, sometimes evil triumphs.  We either accept this as a reality of human existence or we go quietly and slowly insane.  Fortunately, Man's constant friend and companion, alcohol, can ameliorate the horror of evil's sometimes victorious nature.  I say this only partially in jest -- but we all cope with incomprehensible acts of evil in our own very private way.  While I do not generally advocate the death penalty, I find myself hypocritically hoping that they fry this James Holmes freak.  I will forgive myself this piece of hypocrisy in the short term.  I am too near the horror ... as I believe are we all.  God bless the families of those who lost loved ones in that dreadful imbroglio last week.  And God bless America - let us see that this kind of violent horseshit does not happen again.  That is, to the best of our ability...

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