Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nuclear War, Reincarnation and some String Theory

I have just published my new science fiction adventure novel, Desert Angels, on Amazon/Kindle.  This is a book, which like Whatever Gods May Be, was written in the 1980s... almost 30 years ago, when, as the Brothers Four once put it in their song, And The Waves Roll In:  "when the fish were thick, and I was young and strong."  It was my second outing out as an author, penned in 1985.  I have updated the book somewhat - yet the times seem not to have changed that much. The inciting incident to the story is world war, which takes place initially in the Middle East, with Iran causing all sorts of problems vis a vis Israel, and shit stirred up in general in contiguous nations.  The story takes place a few years in the future, as there is reference that some nations in South America have somehow acquired nuclear weapons, or have perfected a nuclear weapons program.

After the war, our hero, Jack Calisto - a kind of Omega Man - represents the last normal human being on the planet ... inasmuch as he's not suffered from radiation poisoning or mutation.  The world has gone topsy-turvy in this world; the normal rules of physics sometimes do not apply, and there are zombies galore, along with reincarnated wives who come back to help Jack in this nutty post-nuclear environment. Though there is plenty of action and sci-fi scenarios for the most ardent of science fiction Neocons, there is also at play a certain Ray Bradbury-like magical realism that the reader must simply accept.  At heart, I believe Desert Angels is a tragic love story.  You will see what I mean once you have read the book.

For those who have mentioned the word "sequel" in your reviews, yes, in 2013, a sequel to Mars, The Bringer of War will be released.

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