Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aliens, and Vampires

Most of you are familiar with the introduction of my science-fiction novel, Mars, The Bringer of War.  It made its way into cosmic awareness in early March.  Now, almost five weeks later, I will be offering another free download of this book for your viewing pleasure.  Our sales were unexpectedly - and happily - high. I am now in process of writing the sequel, which will pick up in-flight back to the Milky Way by our hero, John Mars, currently in cryo-suspended animation.  What he finds upon awakening, however ... will be devastating.

I am reintroducing Monster Vice, released one week after Mars, The Bringer of War, because ... after a day of free downloads to the tune of more than 3,000, Amazon pulled one of its unintentional bug-a-boos by pulling the book from availability. By the time it was restored to the market, the download algorithm essentially evaporated, and many of you simply didn't know about the book's debut.

Monster Vice, to be frank, is my kookiest book to date.  It brings back everyone's favorite vampire, Dracula, who is now part of a futuristic police force called Monster Vice (attached to the Los Angeles Police Department).  Except, he has rearranged the lettering in his name and is known to friends and enemies alike as Curadal.  He teams up with the story's alcoholic hero - a veteran of Monster Vice - to expunge the plague of monsters that run endemic in the world.  Dick Pitts has a myriad of problems - the drink, a bad attitude, an odd relationship with a murdered prostitute who haunts him in a very sweet way, and the fact that he's been 'bit' by a vampire, and is constantly susceptible to turning 'fang'. His only deterrent is activating a neuropeptide in his body, called Prolactin.  This component exists for real (google it) and is produced during orgasm.  Thus, Pitts must either auto-stimulate himself to ejaculation every 24 hours, or be assisted by some sympathetic young woman to achieve the same result.  It sounds easy, but Pitts is always getting into trouble and oftentimes forgets about this prophylactic necessity to warding off vampirism.

Monster Vice is a horror story, but my readers will laugh outright in many places.  Free promo this Wednesday and Thursday, April 18 and 19.  Enjoy.

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