Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Mom Made Me Do It, Officer!

The Last ElF
The Last Elf, though on Amazon/Kindle now for about a month, has not really been given a proper birthing by way of a free download day ... or much mention on my part at all.  No particular reason for this, other than this is a little experimental gem I created awhile back which I shall follow closely in the marketplace.  Experimental, I say, because I mainly devote myself to adult science-fiction and genre fiction (with the occasional non-fiction entry into the world).

My mother was so enamored of the Harry Potter phenomenon that she would harass me continually with dog-chase phrases like "Why can't you write something that child-friendly?" or "That Harry Potter stuff is so sweet" or my personal favorite "All you write about, George, is vampires, killing and outer space."  True, mom, you had me there. 

What I'm most pleased about in The Last Elf, though I kept it focused in the world of children, and from a young adult's perspective, I believe I retained a certain darkness to my piece which is endemic to the human condition.  Children die in this book - at least so my little child-ghost, Jennifer tells the world.  Elves were butchered long ago by the Dark Elf. And there are lessons of self-sacrifice that even children must embrace, sometimes at an early age ... and when least convenient or expected.

My mom passed away August 13, 2009, but her prodding and wishes prevailed, and she was able to read The Last Elf when I finished it just a short time before her death.  I never really tried to market it after publication.  Now with the advent of Amazon/Kindle (at least to me) my little tween fantasy of elves, brain-eating snakes, a friendly and grumpy dragon called a Bandanglesnort, and a capricious wizard, comes to full circle. I hope that all of you enjoy it as much as my mom did.  Thanks for the read.

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