Monday, April 9, 2012

To you Kitty, Lou Diamond living on the edge!

Though Gray Area has been published now on Amazon for a few months, it makes its formal debut into the marketplace by way of a two-day promotional, this Wednesday and Thursday, April 11 and 12.  It is a dark, brooding piece about a former Marine/Lawyer who now works undercover for one of the LAPD's violent crime divisions.  He takes on the job of trying to find out who killed two attorneys in his brother's law firm, and meets one of the feistiest vixens since Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.  I've converted the book into a script, and am having the agents concurrently market it with the intro of the book.

Gray Area was a very personal novel for me.  My main character is severely alcoholic, and I myself have wrestled with the 'gentle grape', as 'twere.  He has lost his wife in the most pedestrian of ways - killed while taking cash from an ATM - and cannot even function around his very young daughter due to his grief.  He's able to keep his job because he goes deep undercover on missions where primarily he has to look like a drug addicted and/or drunken loser.  There is no humor in this for him - he understands what he does best:  To nail bad guys by being among them.  The story's opening sequence inspired me because, as a former paralegal, I worked in a firm where two attorneys were caught - and fired - for aardvarking in the library. 

The novel uncharacteristically took two years to write, and is not for the squeamish.  There is a sex scene in the book that will not quickly be forgotten.  I plan on a sequel to this book, because, as you will discover, Lou Diamond is a fascinating example of a life gone terribly wrong, but even so, a life that struggles to stay relevant and meaningful.

I dedicated this book to the special woman in my life who continually reminds me daily that I am special to her and continually pushes me to capture the life of the character and go for more.  To you, Kitty!

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